Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review - Tramontina Machetes

Tramontina machetes are gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason. For those who have read this blog for a while now, you will know that I love value. That is why Mora knives are some of my favorites. What Mora is to fixed blade knives, Tramontina is to machetes.

A little background:
Here are just some of the machetes made by Tramontina.
Tramontina began as a small company in Brazil established in 1911. Their first major product was pen knives. Throughout the years, Tramontina expanded its production to various other products, among them being cookware, furniture, gardening tools, sinks and metalware, and various tools. It's safe to say that Tramontina is a company with a broad spectrum of products. Today, however, we'll be focusing on their machetes, which I think should be a staple tool for every outdoorsman.

Tramontina's machetes are manufactured in Brazil. While I don't know the specific background of their machete design, Brazil is a country known for its jungles and rainforests, and I think that this climate had a lot to do with the functionality of their machetes. Speaking frankly, Tramontina machetes are the best machetes that I have found for the price.

Their machetes all measure about 0.08", which is a very good compromise between strength and weight. Sure, you can have a thicker machete, but it will also be heavier. In my testing of Tramontina machetes over several years, I have not found them to be weak at all. In fact, I have been very surprised by their performance on numerous occasions.

A side view of the 18" Tramontina Machete.
Tramontina's machetes are made out of Carbon Steel, but coated with varnish to limit rusting. The machetes are all a full-tang design, meaning that the blade steel extends to the end of the handle.

The handles on Tramontina machetes are either made out of wood or polymer, depending on the model of machete. My personal favorite is the wooden handle. All of the handles consist of two slabs of material, wood or polymer, that are riveted on securely.

The machetes come sharp, but can use some sharpening. This is incredibly simple with a file. Simple file the edge down on both sides until it's sharp. This will get you a good working edge that will consistently be easy to sharpen should you ever need it again.

The machete that I have the most experience with is the 18" Wood Handled Machete. I have been using it since the summer of 2010, and it's still going strong. Since Tramontina doesn't sell sheath's, I have found the Cold Steel Machete Sheaths to be a good fit for most of the size machetes that Tramontina makes.

So, if you're in the market for a budget machete that is something that you won't be afraid to beat on, take a look at machetes by Tramontina. There's a reason why they have such a high regard in the knife community.


  1. I love machetes, in fact I remember when I first used one... I did not wear gloves and boy did I have blisters. ha.

    Anyways thanks for the informative post :)

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