Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review - Schrade Extreme Survival SCHF9

For our next knife, we'll take a look and excellent survival knife, the Schrade Extreme Survival.

Schrade is a knife company that was founded in 1904. They originally were well-known for their high-quality knives, all made in the USA. In later years, much of their production was moved overseas, and their knife quality generally suffered for it. In 2004, Schrade closed its doors, but the name was purchased by Taylor Brands LLC. Since that change, Schrade knives have really changed, now making affordable and quality blades for both outdoor, everyday carry and tactical use.

The Schrade Extreme Survival is a great choice for a survival knife.
One of their relatively new knives is the Schrade Extreme Survival SCHF9. Upon first picking up the knife, you really notice its weight. The knife weighs nearly 1 pound, weighing in at 15.6 oz. That is really hefty, and would allow the blade to be even used for chopping.

The main reason why the knife is so heavy is because of the 0.24" blade thickness and full tang construction. This is a heavy-duty knife that would be difficult to break, ever. The blade length is 5.9" and the overall knife length is 12.2".

The knife is made out a 8CR13MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel is known to hold an edge well while still retaining rust resistant properties.

Moving on to the handle; like I mentioned, the blade has a full tang construction, making the knife feel very solid in the hand. The grip consists of two rubber scales that are screwed onto the blade and are removable. The scales have a unique grip pattern that offers adequate traction. For added grip, there are finger grooves and even gimping on the top of the handle. The grip is also large, perfect for larger hands, but may be uncomfortable for those will smaller hands.

The sheath that comes with the Extreme Survival is very functional.
The blade comes in a plain edge that can be considered a clip point. However, there is a kukri-style sweep by the belly of the blade that should aid in chopping.

To carry the knife, the Extreme Survival comes with a very functional black nylon sheath. The sheath clips onto a belt, and has a length of cord that can be used to fasten the end of the sheath to your leg. The blade is retained with a snap, which holds the blade in place well. The front of the sheath has a pouch, that can be used to store a sharpener, firemaking tools or other survival supplies.

All in all, the Schrade Extreme Survival is an excellent survival blade. I understand why it's becoming so popular among the outdoor/survival crowd. If you haven't yet checked out this blade and are looking for an affordable, heavy-duty knife, then this knife may be for you!

What do you guys think of the Schrade Extreme Survival SCHF9? Let us know in the comments below!


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