Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review - Mora Companion Stainless Series

The Companion Stainless Series comes in 5 great colors!
While I continue writing about my love for Swedish knives, I wanted to show you guys a new set of knives by Mora of Sweden. If you've never heard of Mora before, they are a Swedish knife manufacturer that makes the best knives for the money that you will ever find. They make knives in the $10-20 range that can rival knives for $50-150 in terms of their performance and cutting ability.

The new set of knives that I wanted to show you is called the Companion Stainless Series. These knives are based on the excellent Clipper Series of knives, but they have some slight improvements that make the Companion series really a joy to use.

Going over the basics, the Companion knives feature a 4.2" blade made of Sandvik Stainless Steel. These knives have a Scandinavian Grind, which makes their edge very sharp and durable. The blade thickness is .10", which is a good all-around thickness for light to medium-duty cutting tasks. The grip length is 4.5", giving the knife a 8.7" overall length. Basically, the knife is a good size for most jobs you'd use a knife for, whether it be for whittling, firemaking or food preparation.

The sheath on the Companion holds
the knife more securely than the older Clipper Series.
Improvements over the Clipper Series include a newly textured grip. The grip on the Companion knives has a very comfortable rubber center section, with polymer ends. The grip contours to the hand well, making it very comfortable to use. I have used one for hours when out in the field and have no complaints about it.

Another improvement is in the sheath. The Clipper Series was known for the sheath not holding the blade very securely, since it only holds the blade in with friction. The Companion still only holds the blade with friction, but it's more secure. The sheath is made out of polymer with a drainage hold in the bottom. What I like most about it is its ease of attachment and removal to a belt. The belt clip isn't a complete loop, which allows you to hook it to your belt very quickly and easily. The image to the right illustrates this.

The belt clip on the Companion sheath makes
the sheath easy to attach and remove from your belt.
Probably the most striking improvement to the Companion Series is the amount of colors available. Until now, most Mora knives came in subdued colors such as blue, green or red. With the Companion Series, you get a choice of 5 different colors, to match your style. Functionally, having a brightly colored knife is a great idea, since you'll less likely to lose it if you ever set it down on the ground.

The Companion Series of knives is a great improvement over the Clipper Series. I am confident that if you try one, it'll become one of your favorite knives.

Do any of you guys have any experience with Mora knives, specifically the Companion/Clipper Series? Let me know in the comments below!


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