Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review - Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife

Recently Mora of Sweden teamed up with another Swedish manufacturer of firemaking products called Light My Fire. This company is know for its Swedish Firesteels and polymer cookware. I'm sure many of you have seen the Light My Fire Spork. Together with Mora, Light My Fire has made the Swedish FireKnife.

The FireKnife is a collaboration between
Light My Fire and Mora of Sweden.
The Swedish FireKnife combines the functionality of a Mora with a Swedish Firesteel, which sits in the handle. A knife and a firesteel are an excellent combination, since cutting and firemaking are two of the most useful tasks when trying to survive in the outdoors, whether camping, backpacking or in an emergency situation.

For those who do not know, firesteel (aka ferrocerium) is a metal rod made up of  a mixture of metals (Iron, Cerium, Lanthanum, Neodynium, Praseodymium and Mangesium). When scraped, it emits a shower of sparks. It is the same material used in cigarette lighters to make sparks. When used to start a fire, a firesteel rod easily lights dry material. It is waterproof, durable, and one rod is good for starting thousands of fires.

The Firesteel Rod on the FireKnife 
emits a shower of sparks when scraped.
The Swedish FireKnife isn't just a gimicky survival-knife. It also has a very functional blade. I did mention that the blades were made by Mora of Sweden. Those who own a Mora know that their knives are some of the best on the market, especially when considering the price.

The blade on the FireKnife is 4.0" long, an excellent size for an all-around blade. It features Mora's famous Scandinavian Grind, which gives you a sharp and durable blade edge. About a third of the way from the tip, the blade thins out, coming to an acute point. This gives the blade a better slicing ability. The blade steel is a Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel, which resists rust well, but is still hard enough to hold a sharp edge. The blade is 0.08" thick, which is a nice all-around blade thickness. It's not excessively thick, which would make it heavy, but it's also not so thin that it is likely to snap and break.

Unlike many heavy-duty outdoor knives, the FireKnife does not have a full tang blade, something that many would consider a disadvantage. To those who do not know, a full tang is where the blade steel extends through the handle. Full tang knives are stronger, but are usually more expensive and heavier. The FireKnife is not a rough-use knife, but is adequate for most cutting tasks and light to medium-duty chopping/batoning. Basically, you don't want to beat on the knife, but you don't have to baby it either. For the price, you're getting a lot of function and durability with the FireKnife.

Moving on the the handle. The FireKnife's handle is made of polymer and covered with an ergonomic gray rubber. It is very comfortable in the hand. A hollow in the handle fits the firesteel perfectly. The molded handle on the firesteel blends with the handle on the knife, forming a perfectly ergonomic and functional tool.

The FireKnife comes in 5 attractive colors.
The FireKnife also comes in an assortment of colors, perfect for those who want some variety in their blades. The knife comes in the following colors: Black, Red, Orange, Green and Cyan Blue. No matter what your style, there should be a color that works for you.

All in all, the FireKnife, by Light My Fire and Mora of Sweden is an excellent outdoor/survival tool. It features a great blade, with a functional firestarter at an excellent price. If you're looking for a new outdoor blade, why not check out the FireKnife by Light My Fire?

If you have any experience with the FireKnife, let me know in the comments below.