Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Review - Mora Scout 39 Safe

I've reviewed Mora knives before, and in the time since then, my opinion of the Swedish knife manufacturer has only grown fonder. They are constantly coming out with new and interesting products that continue to have the same dedication to quality and value that they are known for.

Like I've mentioned in a previous post titled "Mora - The Best Knives You've Never Heard Of", my experiences with Mora go back to when I was a little boy. My father bought one for me as a birthday present: a Mora Scout 40. I absolutely loved that knife and still own it to this day. I've recently come across a new little gem from Mora based on the Mora Scout series of knives. It's called the Mora Scout 39 Safe.

The Mora Scout 39 Safe is designed as a knife to be used by children. While children should be supervised at all times when using dangerous tools, I believe that every young boy, if he shows a level of maturity, should be given a small knife. I know the effect that it had on me. When a parent allows a child to use dangerous tools safely, such as a knife, it helps teach that child responsibility. The same thing goes with teaching a child how to shoot a firearm or a bow.

The blunt tip on the knife is an easy indication to show its intended use by children. The knife still has a very sharp edge, but the tip is dull, which should prevent the user from accidentally poking himself or others. Like most Moras, the edge has a Scandinavian grind, an edge geometry that is known for being very strong.

The dimensions of the knife is another demonstration that the knife is intended for small hands. The full length of the knife is 6.9", with a handle length of 3.6". The blade is 3.3" long and is made out of Mora's famous Sandvik Stainless Steel, a steel that keeps an edge well but is easy to sharpen.

The handle on the Scout 39 Safe is made out of Birchwood and comes in a variety of colors. A black leather sheath is also included that secures the knife with a snap closure. The sheath can be easily carried with the included belt loop.

So, for all of you fathers out there, if you're looking for a first knife for your young boy, look no further than the Mora Scout 39 Safe. While it's still potentially dangerous, it's designed to be as safe as a functional knife can be. I know that I would love to have one if I were a young boy again.


  1. I've been looking for a great knife for my 8 year old nephew for a few weeks now, and this one will be perfect since his mom is skeptical about me getting him one at all! He's always fascinated with my pocket knife collection, and I promised my sister-in-law that I'd find the safest one I could find. I think I've found it ... thanks! My Best Pocket Knife

  2. Thanks for the review. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this is Sandvik 12C27 steel.
    Anyway I like this knife a lot. As you point out, you don't need to worry about dropping this knife on the trail... the ultra-simplistic sheath the knife comes with actually holds the blade quite securely, thanks to the little strap+button device. I've found the sheath to be 100% fool-proof. Great knife for cub scouts!

  3. Wow, this is great. I'm quite fond of the Mora knives as well, but I wasn't aware of this model. I have 2 young girls that go hunting with me quite a bit, so I'll definietly be looking into this knife more. Thanks The Knife Hub

  4. This is great information. I have 4 children and have great respect for a quality knife that is simplistic and safe to use everyday. It is nice to know that this model of knife is safe for kids. Thanks

  5. Mora Scout 39 Safe can be used by anyone!!
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