Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review - Condor Parang Machete

Based on the traditional Parang design from Malaysia and Indonesia, the Condor Parang Machete works as well as it looks.

Lately, I have taken a real liking to Condor knives. For the money, Condor has some of the best machetes and sheaths on the market. Sure, a Tramontina or Ontario machete will work just as well, but they do not compare with the quality of workmanship that Condor machetes possess.

The Condor Parang Machete is as good looking as it is functional.
Many machetes on the market do not come with a sheath. Not so with Condor machetes (and knives/axes). Now, all Condor products come with high quality leather sheaths. Believe me when I say this: the sheaths that come with all Condor machetes, knives and axes are some of the nicest oil-treated leather sheaths that I have seen. The superior stitching and functional designs of these sheaths make Condor blades a bargain when compared to everything else on the market.

The sheath for the Condor Parang is also very high quality,
yet the price for both is still very affordable.
The Parang machete has a slim profile with a forward-weighted balance, which makes it an excellent chopper. The blade thickness is nearly 1/4" (0.23"), however. This is not a dinky machete in any shape or form. The hardwood handle is polished to a smooth finish, with brass rivets and a lanyard hole at the end. Even though there is no texturing on the handle, the shape has a downward swoop and is thicker on the end, which prevents it from coming out of your hand during use.

This machete is a chopper. It would work great for clearing brush and chopping through medium-sized saplings. It's not an axe by any means, but will also chop wood in a pinch.

In Condor's line of machetes, the Parang has definitely peaked my interests. I'll be reviewing more great products from the Condor line in future blog posts. There are just so many blades that should not remain untouched!


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