Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to carry a knife with a pocket clip?

When you're excited about a certain subject, in this case it's knives, there are a lot of "assumed" things that you just take for granted. Whether it's: how to use a thumbstud, how to tighten/loosen a knife pivot screw to limited blade play and/or ease of opening, serrated vs. partially serrated vs. plain edge for knife choice, or, even simpler, how to carry a knife with a pocket clip. These seemingly basic questions are rarely discussed. However, to somebody who is just getting into carrying a knife, or has very little background knowledge, these are very useful questions to ask.

Today, let's discuss perhaps the most basic question when it comes to folding knives: Which pocket to use for folding knife carry?

A small folding knife from the Spyderco Bug Series
can be great for in-the-pocket carry.
Generally, there are two main ways that people carry folding knives: clipped to a pocket, or placed into the pocket. Personally, if a knife has the ability to be carried with a clip, I would prefer this method. The main reason being is because it keeps the knife in one place so that you can easily reach it in moments where you may need the knife quickly, or when you're in an awkward position.

Also, smaller knives can be easily carried within a pocket with no discomfort, but a large knife doesn't having that luxury. Carrying a knife in a pocket really maximized the size of folding knife that you can carry, because it optimally orients the knife vertically. The limit to how big your folding knife can be, while still being easily carried, is the vertical length of the pocket that it will be carried in, whether you carry it within the pocket or clipped to it.

Now's the next question: Which pocket to use?

For the longest time, I would carry my knife clipped onto my right side pocket. I am right handed, and this seemed like the most natural position to carry a knife in. I also carry my wallet in that pocket. I just got used to carrying the knife in the same pocket as my wallet, although it was pretty inconvenient to bump into my knife every time i needed to take my wallet out.

Eventually, after close to 3 years of this "uncomfortable carry," I had the clever idea to move my knife to the right side of my back pocket. It only about 4 inches away from where I normally carried my knife, but it was so much more convenient. I don't normally carry anything in my back pocket, which made it a perfect spot to carry my knife. Now, I no longer bump into my knife when getting my wallet, and have my knife as accessible as it has always been.

Advantages to back pocket knife carry.

Back Pocket Knife Carry (BPKC) is where it's at.
I've found a number of advantages to carrying my knife in the way that I do now. Like I mentioned earlier, I no longer hit my knife when putting things in and out of my side pockets. I must admit that there have been many times where I have scratched myself while doing this, yet I never had the idea to move my knife somewhere else.

I also don't scratch things with my pocket clip as often. I know you guys know what I am talking about! Hearing a scratching noise as you walk next to your car in the garage can really raise your blood pressure. Those scratch marks on the clear coat of your car are hard to get out, you know.

I haven't really noticed any disadvantage to carrying a knife in my back pocket after carrying like that for several months now.

Let's hear it from you guys in the comments below. How do you carry your folding knives? Have any of you discovered the wonders of back pocket carry?


  1. When I back-pocket carry, I tend to scratch up my clip like so:

    my front pocket is for my phone, so I needed a different place to store it. I posted under /r/EDC here:

    I didn't expect to find such an effective solution, but an inside-waistband carry is now my favorite method as I show here:

    Suprisingly, this is the most comfortable way I have ever carried a knife. I just forget about it, which I can't do with a pocket, since I need to access my pockets sometimes.

    1. Thanks for the reply. I've found that I don't scratch up my clip any more when I carry in the back pocket than when I carry in my front right pocket. I keep the knife in the right corner of my back pocket, so that I don't sit on it if I were to sit down.

      Carrying in the waistband is interesting. You don't feel the knife against your skin as you go about doing your day?

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