Thursday, December 13, 2012

Paracord? What's Paracord?

Fireball from E.L. Wood is one of the
more attractive colors of 550 Paracord.
Hey all. Back from a long hiatus but I'm ready to write more posts!

It seems like lately there has been a 550 Paracord craze happening with all the Paracord Bracelets, Keychains, Gunslings, etc. being sold.

What is 550 Paracord?

Well, 550 Paracord, officially known as Parachute Cord, is the cord used in Parachutes. It come in many different versions/strengths, but the most common is known as Type III, which is rated to 550 lbs. It consists of a colored outer sheath (rated at 305 lbs) and 7 internal strands of string (rated at 35 lbs each). Together, the combined strength is 550 lbs, which is a huge amount for cordage that is about as thin as a shoelace.

Due to the popularity of 550 Paracord, you aren't only limited to Olive Drab anymore. Paracord manufacturers such as E.L. Wood and Gladding have expanded their color selection greatly to include colors and patterns such as Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Neon Orange, Silver Gray, Woodland Camo, Multicam, Fireball and Denim, with many other colors as well.

Why am I talking about 550 Paracord on a blog dedicated to knives?

Well, 550 Paracord has a ton of uses when it comes to knives. People have been wrapping knife handles with Paracord for years. It gives you good purchase on the blade, but is also useful in case you ever need to have some useful cordage in an emergency situation.

550 Paracord also makes great knife lanyards, sheath lanyards or anything else you can use some cordage for. For many, 550 Paracord has become to outdoorsmen and campers, what duct tape is to the handy man.

Make sure that you pick some up if you haven't already!


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