Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review - Lansky Quick Fix Knife Sharpener

Usually, when we think of knife sharpeners, we think of something big an bulky that often consists of many stones, knife holders and other such contraptions.

Wouldn't you like a knife sharpener to be small, portable and lightweight? Wouldn't it be great if it were easy to use? Wouldn't it be even better if it were inexpensive?

Yes, yes and yes.

I have just the sharpener that fulfills all of these criteria and can achieve a hair-shaving sharp edge in one a minute or two. It is the Quick Fix Knife Sharpener, by Lansky.

No bigger than a pack of playing cards, the Quick Fix really is a sharpener that you can take with you anywhere. It has two sharpening sides to it, a tungsten carbide side and a ceramic side.

True to its name,
the Quick Fix Sharpener is
fast and easy to use.
The sharpener is used by first taking a few quick passes on the tungsten carbide side to shape the edge. Then, you take a few passes on the ceramic side to polish the edge. Care should be taken so that the last few passes on the ceramic side only use the weight of the knife to press down, so as to make the edge as fine as possible. From my experience, this technique produces a razor-sharp edge each and every time.

After your initial sharpening, if you don't use your blade too hard, you can get away with only using the ceramic side to touch up your edge. I use this sharpener about once a week to re-polish the edge on my everyday carry folding knife.

The great thing about the Quick Fix is that it is super-easy to use. The sharpeners are placed at the appropriate 23-25 degree angle, which gives you a durable but also sharp edge. If the sharpener is placed flat on a surface, all that one needs to do to sharpen the knife is to hold it upright while pulling it past the sharpeners, from the base of the blade to the tip.

The Quick Fix comes in 4 colors: Black, Blue, Red and Green. It is made out of a high quality polymer body, with a rubberized hand hold. It should last for years. I've had mine for many months, and it's holding up great to weekly use.

If you're looking for a simple to use, inexpensive and very portable sharpening system, check out the Quick Fix Pocket Sharpener by Lansky. In my opinion, it's the best sharpener on the market in terms of value and ease of use. You'll be a believer too the first time you turn your dull knife into a hair-shaving edge.


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  2. Lansky Quick Fix Knife Sharpener!
    Thank you Sir, I am also a big fan in collection of knives and having a website of my own. Link is:- http://netknives.com/

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