Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review - CRKT ExiTool

Why do we carry knives? We carry them as tools for a variety of tasks, whether it be utilty work, hunting, bushcraft, self defense, etc. Some knives are more specialized for certain tasks while others cover a wide base and can be used for many different jobs.

The ExiTool by CRKT can help you
get out of a tough situation.
Today, I wanted to look at something that has a blade (this is Knives Blog after all) but is a very specialized tool that can be critical to your personal safety.

We all spend a lot of time in the car. How many of us have given much thought to having a tool that would help get you out of an accident?

One such tool is the ExiTool by Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT). The ExiTool combines a seat belt cutter, a carbide window breaker and an LED flashlight all into one tool that conveniently clips onto your seatbelt.

I've seen other vehicle emergency tools that look like little hammers that fit somewhere onto the dashboard or in the glovebox. What the designer doesn't realize is that in an emergency, you may not have the mobility to reach that far for the tool. The ExiTool is with you at all times, since it fastens onto your seatbelt. It is in a convenient location and will be within reach during an accident.

Why would you want the ExiTool?

Like I said, the ExiTool has a number of useful tools incorporated into its small design. The seat belt cutter is great for removing a seatbelt when the buckle is jammed. It can also cut other materials if need be.

Here, you can see the carbide glass breaker and LED flashlight.
The carbide glass breaker can break a window if for some reason the door is stuck and you need to get out of the car fast.

Finally, the LED flashlight can be used to see at night and is useful for situations other than extreme emergencies. Maybe you just dropped your keys under on the floor and are having a hard time finding them. While not as bright as a dedicated flashlight, with the ExiTool, you have a way to see at night.

I hope that you see the benefits of having an ExiTool in your car. It really can save your life if you're ever caught in a situation where you need to exit your car ASAP. Heck, they call it the ExiTool for a reason!


  1. A fellow knife blogger i see :) nice blog btw

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  2. This is great for when you drive into a river.

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