Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review - Victorinox One Handed Trekker/Trailmaster

We all know about Swiss Army Knives. For me, as they are for many people, Swiss Army Knives are the quintessential pocket knife. Before I knew about single-handed opening folding knives, I knew about Swiss Army Knives. One of the first, perhaps the first, knife that I had, was a small Victorinox Classic. I must have been in first grade when I got it. I loved that knife, and it served me well for many years.
The Victorinox Trekker/Trailmaster is shown open,
revealed all of its tools.

For the longest time, Victorinox knives were designed to be opened with the finger nail slot in the blade. This made the blade small and unobtrusive, but also impossible to open single-handedly. For this reasons, I began to shy away from Swiss Army Knives, choosing folding knives that were easier to open.

This all changed when Victorinox designed some of their knives to have one handed opening. Specifically, I'm going to be writing about the Victorinox Trekker/Trailmaster (Victorinox recently changed the name of this knife to the Trailmaster).

The Trekker/Trailmaster is a Swiss Army Knife aimed at the handyman, as most of their larger tools are. It comes with a 3.4" Liner Locking Main Blade, a Wood Saw, a Bottle Opener with Large Locking Flathead Screwdriver, a Wire Stripper, a Can Opener with Small Flathead Screwdriver, a Phillips Screwdriver, a Reamer and of course the signature Toothpick and Tweezers.

Personally, I find this set of tools to balance function and size/weight very well. There are enough tools to get most everyday tasks done. Two of the tools that I have grown to love are the saw and the can opener. The saw is very very sharp and cuts incredibly well. If you haven't yet tried a Victorinox saw, then you're missing out. For small sawing tasks, there's nothing better. The can opener also performs exceptionally well. It's so good that it's the main can opener that I use around the home.

Closed, the Trekker/Trailmaster is quite compact and light
for the functionality that you get.
It is also very surprising to find Victorinox making liner locking blades. Victorinox is known for its slip-joint folding knives, but executes liner locks quite well in the Trekker/Trailmaster. The lock is very small, but locks the blade open solidly. Unlike most liner-locks, the lock needs to be pushed to the right to disengage, which may take a little time to get used to, but that's a small price to pay for a liner locking Swiss Army Knife.

So, like I said, these tools balance size/weight the best in my opinion. The Victorinox Trekker/Trailmaster weighs only 4.5 oz, which is pretty good for the amount of versatility that you get with this tool. It is 4.4" long when closed and 0.69" thick.

The Trekker/Trailmaster only comes with black polymer scales, however, under a different name, the Swiss Soldier's knife (same tools as Trekker/Trailmaster) comes with olive green polymer scales. There are also variations, with different tools, that still have the same one handed opening main blade under various names and with various color scales.

For a Swiss Army Knife enthusiast that desires the solid lockup of a standard folding knife, the Victorinox Trekker/Trailmaster may be a good choice. Personally, it is my favorite knife that Victorinox produces.


  1. Great review, great knife. I have the Trailmaster (Not one handed version) and love it. I take it with me everywhere and think the saw is a great feature to this knife, as well as the locking blade.
    Regards Mick - JesterBushcraft

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  5. What kind of steel is it? I know it is stainless...but do you know the exact description?



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