Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review - Mora 511

Every once in a while, you see a knife that you have to do a double-take on, for good reasons, of course. Either the knife outperforms what you expected or is of higher quality than you expected. The 511 by Mora, is such a knife. It is the best performing fixed blade knife for the price that I have ever seen.

The Mora 511 is an unbelievable "bang for your buck."
Mora, a Swedish knife company known for its quality and affordability has really hit a home run with the 511. It is designed as a utility knife, and performs exceptionally well in that task. The knife has a simple, but functional, design. The 3.7" drop point blade is made out of carbon steel, which has a Rockwell hardness rating of 59-60. It has a razor-sharp Scandinavian grind on it, which makes the edge very strong. A Scandinavian grind is a way in which the knife is ground down, where there is only one angle from the flat of the blade all the way to the edge.

The handle is made of bright red polymer. It is fairly smooth, with light texturing and contours that allow the blade to be held firmly in the hand. It has a substantial finger guard to prevent your hand from coming up onto the blade. The handle is 4.4" long, which is long enough for any size hand.

The sheath on the 511 is as simple as they get, but it works.
The sheath that comes with the 511 is as no-frills as the knife. It is made out of black polymer. The knife is held in the sheath by pushing it into the sheath until you hear a click, telling you the knife is secure. This isn't the most secure method to hold a knife by any means, but it should be adequate for utility work, which is what the knife is designed for. At the bottom of the sheath is a drainage hole, in case the knife were to get wet.

The Mora 511 weight in a 2.6 oz without and 3.6 oz with the sheath. This is NOT a full-tang knife, which is probably why the knife is so lightweight and inexpensive. The tang ends somewhere in the middle of the handle. For this reason, this knife is not to be thrashed on, or it will break. However, for normal cutting chores, it is very usable.

For a utility blade, or even a bushcraft blade, the Mora 511 would definitely perform. It is inexpensive enough to be disposable, yet cuts with the best of them. Definitely try one out, since you will probably be buying many more soon after.


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