Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Using Knives in Cold Weather

I was recently watching a video by one of my favorite YouTubers. He goes by the name Cutlerylover. He had a video on carrying knives in different weather conditions and he mentioned something really useful.

Good luck opening your Kershaw Skyline with gloves on.
He said that whenever it's cold outside, he carries with him a fixed blade knife. The reason that he carries a fixed blade is because, in the cold, it is difficult or impossible to open a folding knife with gloves on. With a fixed blade, it is still fairly easy to take it out of its sheath and then put it back. This seems like a very simple observation, but can often be overlooked. See, a fixed blade knife does have some every day uses after all.

A simple fixed blade, such as this Mora Classic 612,
would make a great cold-weather knife choice.
I would have to advise you, however, when using a knife in the cold: since your manual dexterity gets hindered in cold weather, be doubly careful about what you do with a blade. Your dexterity is further decreased from the fact that you might be wearing gloves, as well. Always use common-sense safety practices such as cutting away from you, keeping your fingers away from the blade, etc.

I know this was a short post, but it's definitely something to think about. Having at least one good fixed blade that you can use for every day carry (EDC) is a good idea, in my opinion. It increases your options and allows you to always have a functional blade on your person.


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