Sunday, December 26, 2010

Review - Cold Steel Mini Pal

The next knife that I wanted to write about is one that I would actually call "cute". By the same token, it is also very useful, both in utility tasks and in defensive ones. It is the Mini Pal by Cold Steel.

A very small, inexpensive, but high quality knife, the Mini Pal is small enough to be carried on a keychain or can even be used as a zipper pull. It weighs a mere 0.7 oz with it's Secure-Ex polymer sheath. By the way, the sheath holds the knife securely, but is still easily removed when needed.

The Cold Steel Mini Pal is small enough to go on a keychain.
The quality of the Mini Pal is high, which is consistent with Cold Steel's knives. It has a very comfortable Kraton grip, meant to be held in between the fingers. For those who do not know, Kraton is a soft, rubbery material that Cold Steel often uses on their knife handles. The spear point blade is made out of Japanese 400 series stainless steel and has a fully serrated edge. This serrated design maximizes the 1.1" blade, allowing it to cut better than an equivalent straight edged blade. Serrations are also great for cutting through fibrous material, which adds to the knife's ability to be used more effectively for self defense.

Like I mentioned before, this knife would be a great addition to a keychain. It is so small that it can be put practically anywhere. It is also a fixed blade, making it very strong. Not that you'd realistically be able to put too push this knife to its breaking point, but it's always good to have the added strength that a fixed blade offers if you can afford its slightly larger size.


The Secure-Ex sheath that holds the Mini Pal, well, securely.
Having a small knife like the Mini Pal as a back-up can be life-saving is a defensive situation. That's a big reason why I recommend having a knife like this on your keys.

If you're ever walking to the car at night, chances are you'll have your keys in your hand. If an attacker were to surprise you at night, you might only have a fraction of a second to react. Having the Mini Pal on your keys will give you the ability to have a defensive tool, ready to go, at all times. The super-sharp serrated edge will be devastating against an attacker in a slash cut, even despite the blade's small length.


So, yeah, I recommend having a Mini Pal. It makes an ideal back-up blade/last-ditch defensive tool. It's very inexpensive and small enough to put anywhere. Another point that I forgot to mention is that it doesn't scream "knife" when you see it, which makes it great to have around people who are afraid of sharp objects (aichmophobia). The Mini Pal is useful enough for every knife enthusiast to own at least one.


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