Friday, November 5, 2010

Review - Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel

Today, we'll be looking at something a little different than what you would normally consider an edged tool. Last week, I reviewed machetes but this week I will be reviewing a shovel.

A shovel? That's boring. Why do you want to review a shovel?

Shovels are awesome, dont you know? I know of at least one awesome shovel. It's called the Special Forces Shovel and it's by Cold Steel.

The Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel is not your average shovel.
Based on the Spetznaz Shovel that the Russian Special Forces use, this shovel can do so much more than your average garden shovel. What makes it so great are two things, its relatively small size and the fact that the edges are actually sharp, as in razor sharp.

The Special Forces Shovel is a blend between a shovel and an axe, making it very useful. It can be used to dig, of course. The sharp edges cut through underground roots as if they weren't even there. This alone makes it a great garden tool.

Sharp edges also make it a decent chopper. While it's not as good as a dedicated machete, axe, or large knife, you wouldn't normally expect a shovel to be able to chop. In a pinch, it can get most jobs done. I have even split logs with it. The portable size makes it great for camping, or even putting in a dedicated emergency kit/bug out bag.

The shovel can also be used for self-defense and can be either swung or thrown. That's right, this shovel can be thrown like a tomahawk and works quite well. Personally, that's one of the most fun aspects of this shovel. Nobody expects it, and it's really impressive when it sticks to a tree with a satisfying *ping* after being thrown.

Let's get into the product specs of Special Forces Shovel.

Cold Steel makes a dedicated sheath for their Special Forces Shovel.
The head of the shovel is made out of a medium carbon steel, according to Cold Steel, and painted black. It holds an edge fairly well and is simple to retouch if dulled. No complaints about the choice of materials there. The edges are adequately sharp from the factory but should be touched up with a file or sharpener for best results. The handle is made out of wood, although the type of wood isn't specified. The fit and finish on the shovel is quite good, the head of the shovel being held securely to the handle by two thick screws. The shovel has a cordura sheath, but this sheath is not included. The sheath is high quality and lets you safely store and carry the shovel. It comes with a simple belt loop for attaching to a belt or strap.

So that's a quick review of the Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel. It's a great tool and is a lot more useful and fun than your average garden shovel. You'd be hard-pressed to find a shovel that is more fun to use than this one.

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