Friday, October 22, 2010

Review - Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife

Today, I'll be reviewing a functional, yet affordable fixed blade option for camping. The knife is the Big Rock Camp Knife made by Gerber, a well-known and respected knife company.

The Gerber Big Rock, a great choice for a camp knife.
To start off, when I first saw the knife, it instantly left me impressed. I don't know if it was the soft, rubber grip panels, the sweeping drop point blade or just the overall appearance. It must have been a combination of all of these, because my initial impressions of this knife were very good. I just liked it.

Let's start by looking at the functional part of the knife, the blade. The Gerber Big Rock has a 4.4" Drop Point blade. It has a large belly combined with a full flat ground blade, making it great for slicing. The blade is 0.16" thick, which is good for the size of knife that it is. The knife is made out of a solid piece of 440A stainless steel, from the tip of the blade, to the bottom of the handle, making it a full tang knife. In other words, it is very strong. This strength, combined with the relative thickness of the blade, makes the Big Rock a good choice for batoning through wood and for other heavier-duty tasks, along with more intricate tasks.

A note on 440A steel: 
440A stainless steel is very resistant to rust or corrosion. However, it is a softer steel. It is good for daily use, but the blade edge will need to be touched up every so often. This will be easier sharpening than for harder steels. Some people actually prefer a steel that would easily resharpen after a day of hard use than a steel that would be difficult to sharpen every few weeks. For sharpening, I recommend using a ceramic rod or V-sharpener to touch up the blade edge.

The full tang blade adds strength, the rubber panels offer excellent grip.
The handle on the Big Rock is excellent. It is very comfortable, greatly aided by the soft, rubber panels on both sides of the grip. There are raised ridges on the panels, which provide traction for the hand. There is some jimping on the top of the handle, near the blade, but it is too shallow to provide any real traction. The finger grooves, at the bottom of the handle, keep the blade secure with a proper grip, and more than make up for the lack of adequate jimping. All in all, the Big Rock provides excellent grip for the hand, which is critical for a knife that may be called for heavy-duty use.

At the bottom of the handle, there is a lanyard hole, which is large enough to fit 550 paracord. If you choose to attach a loop of cord to the knife, this can further aid in securing the knife to your hand. It also makes sure that you hand doesn't slip past the handle, onto the sharp blade. What you would do is put your thumb through the loop. Let the cord go across the top of you hand, while you hold it firmly in your hand. The technique, along with images, can be found here. I should also say that the length of cord had to be measured in order to get the maximum benefit from using this technique.

The sheath that the Big Rock comes with is simple and functional. It does not have any fancy MOLLE attachment points or eyelets. It attaches to a belt loop and secures the blade with a button snap. The sheath is made out of quality nylon and has a protective plastic insert to keep the blade from cutting through the sheath when taken in and out. The sheath is adequate for the tasks design of the knife, which is as an outdoor/camping fixed blade.

Coming at an inexpensive price point, the Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife is a great blade. The design of the blade and the handle are excellent and very functional. It is definitely a knife to check out if you are in the market for a quality, inexpensive fixed blade capable of heavy-duty tasks.


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