Friday, October 15, 2010

Review - CRKT Zilla-Tool

We've all know what a multi-tool looks like. It's kinda big and rectangular-shaped. It opens in a way reminiscent of a balisong (butterfly knife) and you carry it in a sheath. It's a functional and proven design, don't get me wrong, but today, I want to show you something different. 

The CRKT Zilla-Tool is a non-conventional but very functional multi-tool.
Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) has a line of tools called I.D. Works. Their goal is to create tools that are "inspired and functional, as created by painter, sculptor, architect and inventor Leonardo da Vinci." These tools are unique in shape and design, often being very innovative and functional.

One such creation from the I.D. Works line is the Zilla-Tool. Imagine combining a pliers, folding knife and screwdriver, and you'd get the Zilla-Tool. It is a multi-tool very different in shape than most other multi-tools on the market, but it still retains a very high level of functionality. The frame being made out of steel, the tool is strong, but it is lightened with Zytel scales. It weighs in at 7.9 oz and is 6.5 in long.

The Zilla-Tool is designed so that the pliers handles are rigid, making the pliers stronger than a folding multi-tool. The pliers have both fine flat and circular toothed gripping surfaces. Near the base of the pliers, is a very useful wire cutter, and also a notch near the handle for wire stripping.

The Zilla-Tool has stainless pocket clip and a liner-locking blade.
On the other end of the tool, you have a screwdriver, which is also strengthened by the non-folding design of the Zilla-Tool. The screwdriver has two interchangeable bits which are secured within the handle of the tool.

One of the neatest features of the Zilla-Tool is the folding blade. Many CRKT knives have a very functional "flipper", which is a finger tab on the back of the blade used to quickly flip the blade open. Well, the Zilla-Tool has a "flipper" on the blade, enabling the blade to be opened very rapidly, something usually not seen on multi-tools. When opened, the blade has a strong liner-lock, which locks the blade securely.

The CRKT Zilla-Tool Jr. is a smaller version of the Zilla-Tool
The way that the Zilla-Tool is carried is also reminiscent of its folding knife roots. The tool comes with a removable stainless steel pocket clip, allowing for tip down, right handed carry. For those who do not wish to carry this tool in a pocket, a nylon carry pouch is also provided.

Now if the Zilla-Tool is too large for you, do not worry, CRKT also came out with a Zilla-Tool Jr., which is literally a scaled-down version of the larger Zilla-Tool. it weighs in at 3.7 oz and is only 5.2 in in length. The Zilla-Tool Jr. has all of the functionality of its larger brother and is a great size for every day carry (EDC).

Would I recommend the Zilla-Tool?

I definitely would. It's a very unique design which may be off-putting to some, but if you can get past it's non-conventional appearance, you will find it to be very functional, and even better than a standard multi-tool in many ways.


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